8 Signs of Teen Addiction

In a sense, mainstream culture for teens now and days is dangerous. Parents must become knowledgeable and alert of signs of teen addictions. But truth me told, more and more kids are considering fun to include alcohol, marijuana, Molly (Methylone mixed with methamphetamine and or heroin), prescription pills such as oxycodone (blues) or now more commonly Dilaudid (D’s).

The typical Hollywood Celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton make it difficult to teach our teenagers the concept of cause and effect, there is a consequence for every action. But the success stories of Robert Downy and Eminem show that addiction is a disease and with the proper willingness and honesty there are paths to addiction recovery.

If your child is abusing alcohol or drugs, here are signs to look for:

Possible Signs of Drug Use

  • Lack of interest in family activities
  • Verbally or physically abusive
  • Disappearance of valuable items or money
  • Not coming home
  • Lies about activities
  • Unusual out of the norm sleeping habits
  • Spending a lot of time in their bedrooms
  • Hostile, aggressive outbursts

In the beggining

The road to drug addiction starts with experimentation. The majority of teenagers have tried drugs out of peer pressure or curiosity. They may feel like the odd kid out and in order to feel acceptance they will take part in the drug use. At first, the substance can bring there anxiety down, this allows them to be more sociable and the reaction from others is favorable. They in turn believe this substance usage has allowed them to become something they thought they weren’t, the courage they didn’t have or the person they want to be. Now the grips of a progressive illness is rooted and trouble will follow. It may take weeks or decades but chances are better than not that at some point drugs will take a primary role in their life.

Now that the addiction has progressed, getting and using the drug becomes more and more important and your ability to stop using is compromised. What begins as a voluntary choice turns into a physical and psychological need. An obsession of the mind. Yet when the addict is ready drug addiction is treatable. With an honest and open minded addict, you can combat the negative impact of addiction and regain control of your true self as you were meant to be.

Questions your teen should ask

  • Do you feel like you can’t stop, even if you wanted to?
  • Do you teen ever feel bad or guilty about your drug use?
  • Do you need to use drugs to relax or feel better?
  • Do your friends or family members complain or worry about your drug use?
  • Do you hide or lie about your drug use?
  • Have you ever done anything illegal in order to obtain drugs?
  • Do you spend money on drugs that you really can’t afford?
  • Do you ever use more than one recreational drug at a time?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions, you may have a drug problem. And the professionals here in St Petersburg at Recovery Resources of Florida are here to support

Support is essential to addiction recovery

Do not try to go it alone; it’s all too easy to get discouraged and rationalize “just one more” hit or pill. Whether you choose to go to rehab, rely on self-help programs, get therapy, or take a self-directed treatment approach, support is essential. Recovering from drug addiction is much easier when you have people you can lean on for encouragement, comfort, and guidance.

Support can come from:

  • family members
  • close friends
  • therapists or counselors
  • other recovering addicts
  • healthcare providers
  • people from your faith community
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