3 things to consider when picking a sober living environment

If you understand the disease of addiction, then you are aware of the damage and wreckage it has caused to families and love ones. Drug addiction is a never ending cycle of destruction that know no class religion or ethnic enemy. Once an individual makes the choice to get clean or sober whichever describes them a sober living environment may be the est choice you can make.

What is a sober living environment?

The purpose of a sober living facility is that you gain the tools of recovery put them in to practice and learn hot to live again clean and sober. The facility usually has some level of structure but much more freedom than a rehab or institution of another type. If the client properly applies themselves they will be able to make a clean transition back into the “real world”. You should research more than one facility to find one that fits right with you.

That being said, Here 3 things to look for in sober living:


Curfews, phases rules and regulations should be an important thing to consider. Structure is a good thing and learning to adjust to society it is crucial.

What scares many people, especially those who are fresh out of prison, is the overwhelming amount of decisions to have to make each and every day. Without someone there to tell you what to do or when to do it, many end up faltering or turning to drugs or alcohol.

That’s why it’s so important to find a sober living home that implements more than just a daily routine…it should also implement rules and regulations, such as mandated curfews and a zero-tolerance drug-free environment.


The people make the sober living facility. The relationships you develop the mood and the energy are extremely important in your decision. If you cant connect with the other addicts it will make your time there miserable and without the proper network and tools relapse chances become great. The current residents are going to be an important part of your decision. Trust your feelings with this, do the residents show support for each other and you. Do you feel welcome? Ask questions and get a feel for the place. A strong network is important in recovery, so it is important that the current residents feel like the right fit for you.


A solid support system is crucial for anyone in recovery. When evaluating a sober living support team, it’s important to find a staff that truly cares about you and your success…but you also want a staff that’s unafraid to lay down the law.

Individualized recovery plans are essential for staying sober, but having professionals that care enough to keep you in line is equally important. Some great examples of a firm support system can be seen in policies that enforce regular drug testing or encouraging residents to attend 12-Step meetings – both of which can make or break your early recovery.

A sober living house that recognizes this, yet helps you take the first steps to total independence is a keeper.


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